2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

“The Sleaze with Ease, The Tower of Power, the Torrid Velvet Ice”
Velvet Ice was born at the old Follies in San Francisco, 1973 in to Rock & Roll Hippie Burlesque. She fell in love with the art form, learning from the greats who came through SF. Her biggest influences were Tori Lynn, Ellion Ness, Joi Jessard, Blaze Starr, to name a few. Her career has taken her to LA, Vegas, Micronesia, Canada, and Seattle. Her acts were heavily influenced by the music she loved, such as Jazz/Blues, 70s Funk, and Led Zeppelin! Velvet knew she was fulfilling her calling when told by a fan, “You make me want to go home and make love to my wife!”.