March 12, 2020 - April 5, 2020

March 12, 2020 - April 5, 2020


Ways to Give

There are many ways to donate to the festival:

Contact Cheryl at Moisture Central (206) 297-1405 or email development <at> moisturefestival <dot> org

Donations are tax deductible

“A day without laughter is a wasted day ” – Charlie Chaplin

Thank you to the generous donors who make the Moisture Festival possible

Each year, the festival attracts over 250 performers from all over the globe who entertain over 10,000 local patrons at fifty shows, each accompanied by a live show band. The festival operates as a primarily volunteer-run organization with over 250 volunteers helping produce our shows presenting unique performers dedicated to promoting this art form.

Give TODAY to help us provide a diverse performing arts experience to help individuals of all ages broaden their perspectives, nurture creativity, and serves to build the precious core of live comedy/varieté American theater aficionados.

Join the SuperStar Circle

NEW! Join the Moisture Festivals SuperStar circle with a gift of $1,000 or more.  This high-level giving circle is designed to provide sustainable benefits to the festival to Moisture Festival, and most importantly, SuperStars know that they are helping the world’s biggest Comedy/Varieté event of its kind that resurges each spring in Seattle. It’s easy to join, click here for more information on how YOU can become a Moisture Festival’s SuperStar.

Individual Donors


Leslie and Mike Foley

The Grant Family

Matthew Morris and Sara Goering

Mike and Michele Sharp

Vanguard Charitable


The Greco Family

Dan Shih & Ted MacGovern 

 The Grant Family

Jeff Wilson


Karen Bowman

Jeff Hermanson

Randy & Willa Rohwer


$1,000 SuperStars

Aidan & Abi Rogers

George & Emily

Vivian Schroedl

David Bradlee & Kathryn Gardow

Lisa Schaures

Steven Smith

Daniel Top

Elizabeth Wooten

Amanda Lee & Bob Venezia

Chris & Mary Throth

Arthur Galpin

Christopher & Mary Troth

$999 & under

Henry Burton
Robin Chase
Maggie Mallon
Angela Chabot
Sharon Kingsford
Zoe and Zaydee Mae Ryan
Jehanjir Meer
Stuart Niven
Jacob Cooper
Katherine Boullin
Donald Rogers
Cristina Pacheco
Alan and Barbara Davidoff
Peter Glick
Michael Wilson
B Mueller
Katherine Bragdon
Michael and Leslie Bourgoin
Susan Payne
Becky Nixon
Daniel Fathi
Jason Puz and Katie Rosapepe
Hugh & Jane Foy
Brendan Burns
Carl Davis
Dave Peers
John Zemlin and Mary Ellen
Mark Radbourne
Christine Roehnelt
Lori Pederson
John Tiscornia
Kyle Parker-Robinson
Christopher Conrad
Minta Crafts Serna
Wanda Corcoran
Peter House
Marie Kirk
William and Lyn Thomas
Paul Loeb and Rebecca Hughes
Ken Shah
Marjan and Ron Petty
Charly Castors
Teresa and Bob Anderson
Frederick and Kathryn Emrick
Tega and Tovie
Jessica Kirkland
James Kerney
Aki Namioka
Cobalt Construction
Jacque Byrne
Traudl Wolf-Buck
Kevin Weyer
Jennifer Marrow
James McDonnel
Sarah Garcia
Duane DeValkeneer
Circo Rose Entertainment, LLC
Wesley Wonder
Matt Cantrell
Andrew Buckles
Virginia Baird
Val Bush
Rita Boyland-White
Donovon Harwood
Gary Martin
Dayna Ducey
Jan DeWolf
Tulasi McCarthy
Ann Jennings
Georgine Price
Tom Rooks
Douglas Loewen
Lesley Zavar
Leighsa and Lionel Balland
Ashley Hannon
Manuel Nordhoff
William Bruns
Melody Nelson
Mary and Andy Kennedy
Thomas Sackett
Thomas Starr
Rose Feliciano
Eben Sprinsock
Laura Gene Middaugh
Bob and Myrna Sherman
Kris Durgin
Barbara and Dave Mcphee
Ryan Padgett
Anne Gavzer
Frederick O’Neill
Brad Erickson
Rachel Spence
Jaxon Ravens
David Edelstein
Janetmarie and Paul
Marc and Sienna Regier
Gregory Squires
Sean Corry
Harold Dash
Deborah Schorzman
Robert Samuel Salon
Susan Warwick
Mary Kay Voytilla and Nicholas Gillen
Bernice Maslan
Megan Haas
Steve Szirmai
Steven Stenberg
Brianna Constable
Kate and Doug Snider
Jessica Helmer
James Baker
Bryan Kelley
Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson
Tyler Nielsen
Sharty and Kevanna
Karianne Stinson
Daniel Gamelin and Sara Early
Susan Willis
Jamie Bright
Rachael Weakland and Scott Birkhead
Thomas Arroll
Taylor Dykes
Nicholas Lollini
Daniel Zeller
Carolyn Smith
Jules Zimmermann
Elizabeth Steinbrueck
Andrea Bakke
Ward and John
Rachael Swarthout
Steven Smith
Serena Mckenzie
Ross Monster
August Wonder
Bob Coyne
Terry Beaty
Marcia Sommer
Erin Wilson and Jen Allen
Richard Sewell
Jade Pope
Julia Buck
Matthew and Marianne Wells
Glen Mitchell
The Goldbergs
Leslie Hubertus
Lindsey and Jeff Winter
Cosette Le Ciel
Jennifer Douglass
Nataliya Olson
Laura Rishel
Carol Bergdahl
Helen and Steven Snyder
Howard & Ruth Tharp
Carmen diDomenico
Mishele Bang
Edythe Lurie
Janet Egger
Greg and Marge Smith
Paula Strom
Todd and Sylvie Currie
Lyle George
Sean Stitham
Matt Corey
Audrey Ruhland
Tom and Kate Klein
David Kirdahy
Jon and Nina Else
Sandy Boeskov

Friends of the Festival Monthly Giving

Make a Significant Impact as Friends of the Festival Monthly Giving Club Donor

Joining the Friends of the Festival Monthly Giving Club puts more of your dollars toward the festival you love!

Friends of the Festival Club Benefits:

  • Ensure that MOISTURE FESTIVAL is able to dependably and annually bring you the comedy/variete festival that you love.
  • Guarantee uninterrupted MOISTURE FESTIVAL donor status with no interruption except when you choose.

It’s easy to join the Friends of the Festival Club:

  1. Choose the amount that you want to contribute every month.
  2. Click here and fill out the donation form.
  3. Make sure to check the box “Make this a monthly donation”

You can choose to increase, decrease, or suspend your monthly gift at any time. All you have to do is call us at 206.297-1405 or email: developmentmoisturefestivalorg.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will I have to renew my gift every year?
    No. We’ll automatically renew your gift, and continue your monthly donation without interruption. Just contact us at developmentmoisturefestivalorg or 206.297-1405 when you know your card is about to expire, so we can update it and continue your payments without interruption . 
  2. Can I make extra donations?
    Of course! MOISTURE FESTIVAL always welcomes as much support as you are able to contribute, and we greatly value any extra donation you are inspired to make.
  3. What if I need to change the amount I’m donating?
    No problem. You are in complete control of your giving, and you are welcome to increase, decrease, or stop your monthly donations at any time. Contact us at 206.297-1405 or email us to make any changes to your plan. 
  4. How do I update my credit card number?
    Just give us a call at 206.297-1405. Feel free to leave a voicemail on our secure system with your name, phone number, new credit card number, expiration date, and security code. Please don’t email your new number to us, though – we can’t guarantee the security of your information that way.
  5. What if I need to suspend or cancel payments for a little while?
    Also no problem. Email us or give us a call at 206.297-1405 to let us know what you’d like to do. 

Is my credit card information secure with you?
Your information is completely safe and secure with MOISTURE FESTIVAL’s PayPal financial vendor


Legacy Society members  translate values into action.

Wills Create a legacy, with a bequest in your will. Your gift ensures the comedy/varieté at Moisture Festival continues for many years to come.

Moisture estival thanks Kevin Beder for establishing a legacy gift.  Read more about it here.

How to Establish a Bequest

Making a gift to Moisture Festival through your will or living trust offers great flexibility. You can give a variety of assets such as:

  • A specific piece of property,
  • A specific sum of money, or
  • A percentage or residue of your estate.

This is a way to make a lasting contribution to support Moisture Festival’s work without affecting your current financial security and freedom. A simple directive in your will or living trust, called a charitable bequest, can bring enduring support to Moisture Festival. Charitable bequests are straightforward to arrange, reduce your assets subject to taxation, and do not affect your current assets. There is no immediate out-of-pocket cost to you or disruption of your lifestyle. Legal advice is essential in drafting or changing your will. Since a will reflects your deepest wishes, it should be carefully constructed to accomplish exactly what you desire. This information is intended only to serve as a guideline for you and not as a substitute for professional legal counsel. You can take this information about Moisture Festival to your attorney:

  • Legal Name: Moisture Festival
  • Headquarters: PO Box 17484, Seattle, WA 98127
  • Tax Identification Number: 20-3366934
  • IRS Tax Exempt Status: Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
  • Suggested Bequest Language

Join the Moisture Festival Legacy Society

If you choose to remember the Moisture Festival in your plans, we encourage you to let us know so we may say “thank you” and welcome you as a member of the Legacy Society. We recognize Legacy Society members on our web page and in our annual reports to the community. If you prefer, we will keep the fact of your bequest intention confidential. We understand fully if you prefer not to share specific amounts or it you have no way of knowing what might be left over for your charitable gifts. There are many ways to plan special gifts for Moisture Festival and your other charitable interests; a bequest through your will is just one. Whatever your plans may be, we encourage you to contact us, without obligation. If you have questions, contact: Phone: 206-297-1405 Email:

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