2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Seattle Moisture Festival Anti Racism and Anti Sexist Statement

Seattle Moisture Festival believes in the importance of being an anti-racist and anti-sexist organization. To fully represent the variety arts, we want people of all races, cultures, genders and sexual identities to feel safe and welcome at the Seattle Moisture Festival, whether as a staff member, a volunteer, a technician, a musician, a performer or an audience member.

Our Commitment to Improve and Grow

We are mapping out a step-by-step plan of actions to identify our past shortcomings and our key areas for growth and to emphasize how positive change will provide a multitude of benefits to the variety arts community.

Though our commitment to positive change through anti-racism/anti-sexism work has not always been adequately prioritized, it is clear that intentional and dedicated work in this area is essential if we are to manifest necessary change. We acknowledge that The Moisture Festival’s past actions and practices may have benefited some communities while limiting opportunities for others, especially communities of color. Our goal is to create an authentic and diverse experience for all.

This work will be ongoing in our organization. We have budgeted for professional training in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. In addition, the Board of Directors has created an Equity Committee whose directive is to address these issues.

Actions and recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • How artists are recruited
  • Reviewing the criteria for selecting artists for the festival and for each show
  • Setting targets for artist diversity
  • Reviewing artist payment/share structure and travel expense policies
  • Reviewing where and how we advertise
  • Reviewing what imagery is used in advertising
  • Exploring ways of offering free or discounted tickets to selected organizations
  • Creating partnerships with diverse community organizations
  • Creating special events targeted at building awareness in under represented communities
  • Building diversity into the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board and staff
  • Increasing diversity among artists, tech crew and audiences

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