2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

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Moisture Festival’s mission is to enrich the community by presenting an affordable annual festival showcasing the art of live comedy/variete performance.  Moisture Festival encourages the contemporary creativity that is constantly emerging in this field and strives to educate people about the rich history of this genre, from its roots in the Music Halls of Europe through American Vaudeville up to today’s new circus arts and new vaudeville exemplified by this unique festival.

To donate by credit card or PayPal, click the big “Donate Now” button on this page.  If you would prefer to mail a check, please make it out to “Moisture Festival” and mail to PO Box 17484, Seattle, WA 98127 

Each year, the festival attracts over 250 performers from all over the globe who entertain over 10,000 local patrons at fifty shows, each accompanied by a live show band.  The festival operates as a primarily volunteer-run organization with over 250 volunteers helping produce our shows presenting unique performers dedicated to promoting this art form.

Give TODAY to help us provide a diverse performing arts experience to help individuals of all ages broaden their perspectives, nurture creativity, and build the precious core of live comedy/variety American theater aficionados.

FAQs for Seattle Moisture Festival donors.

To speak with us directly about your donation feel free to call our office at 206-297-1405 or email development@moisturefestival.org.

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