2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

The Soap Bubble Circus from North Carolina will join us this year. Bubbleologist, Steve Langley was/is a skilled juggler yo-yo and paddleball performer and when he then found soap bubbles he developed skills and it inspired another level of interest. His act takes account of the bubbles’ beauty, their fun and their educational and entertainment value. Soap bubbles are studied by scientists the world over and have been for centuries. You may well get some sense of why that is when watching what Steve can do with these slippery spheres but you will not feel like a student stuck in a classroom while being lectured to: you’ll laugh and applaud and lose yourself in the moment and maybe only afterwards remember that your mind was at play as well.

Steve is a friend of the Moisture Festival’s Tom Noddy and when it was clear that Tom couldn’t make it this year (an extended engagement in Hamburg, Germany) Steve checked with Tom and then made himself available to this year’s Seattle audiences. Tom only wishes he could be there to see it. Enjoy!