2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

MC Shoehorn, performance artist, makes music with his feet and
dances with his horn, combining body rhythms and sophisticated forms and concepts into entertainment. Specialist in saxophone and
tap dance, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer,
utilizing any number of wind and percussion instruments, including the
Tappercussion™ e-tap™ electric tap dance instrument of his own design. He plays a wide variety of classic and original songs, with an ear for music from around the world.
MC Shoehorn works as a solo performer, bandleader (of Shoehorn’s Hatband and the Circtet), as a guest soloist, and a member of groups including Fools in Paradise, Smut City Jellyroll Society, Son de Cuba,
Madcap Variety Company, Baby Gramps Time Warp and the Evening Star Orchestra.

He is a recording artist with two recent releases- the CD “Wingin’ It” and
the DVD “Dances with Instruments” and a back catalog of 5 other albums on his cdbaby page https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/Shoehorn1