2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

After training in multiple styles of dance and competing in dance competitions all over the U.S since age 12, Shadae completed a professional dance semester at Broadway Dance Center and the scholarship program in Los Angeles, California. She was soon signed with Bloc Talent Agency and began a career as a commercial dancer.

She loved the hustle and grit of the LA dance community but her intuition pulled her towards Seattle and once she relocated to the Pacific Northwest she discovered the world of Burlesque. “I love the freedom, empowerment and body diversity the world of burlesque in Seattle offered” but came to be dissatisfied with how Black and Brown performers were represented and connect dear friend and now business partner, Annya Pintak. Their first production, Black Silk, was wildly successful they “… worked incredibly hard to create a safe space where our performers were valued as artists and collaborators instead of products”. After that Simone Pin Productions, a Women of Color owned production company, was born with Shadae as the Founding Creative Director and Annya as the Founding Director of Operations. “Together we work to curate dance/burlesque shows that tell the narratives of women of color.”

Moisture Festival is proud to have a chance to present Shadae in the 2023 Moisture Festival.