2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Rosemary Le, PhD is an aerial artist specializing in the aerial cyr wheel and aerial hoop.  She grew up with a varied movement background of dance, gymnastics, swimming, and martial arts, but always felt like a dancer at heart. In the throes of pursuing her PhD at Stanford University, she discovered aerial hoop in 2016, and it was exactly the physical and creative outlet  she needed. Her interest (ahem obsession) intensified upon discovering the San Francisco Circus Center, at which point she decided that a circus sabbatical was in her near future. Those plans were put on hold when the pandemic hit, but she spent that year delving into her own practice and art.

Emerging out of the pandemic, she has performed with companies such as Dahlias Entertainment and People Circus Theatre, at venues such as The Great Star Theater and The Children’s Creativity Museum, in productions such as Paul Nathan’s Dark Kabaret and Circus Royale’s Back in Time, in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and beyond.

As of November 2022, she’s had the privilege of taking a circus sabbatical and pursuing her art full time. She also dabbles in photography, and loves how the practice of capturing beauty leads to noticing it in everything else.