2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

As Seattle’s premiere sawplayer, Reggie’s exploration into the eerie tones and subtle timbre of the musical saw, and his uncanny ability to flex the hand tool’s razor sharp spring steel betwixt quivering knees to produce a prodigious palate of pleasing panache, is second to none. Bravely risking life, limb and future family hopes by bending 213 terribly treacherous teeth dangerously close to body parts both near and dear, he proudly provides a vicarious vaudevillian daredevil experience with each attempt to tame the unruly blade. See his knees quake with the torment of torturous trepidation! Thrill at his unrivaled skill! Chill at his critically acclaimed capability to coolly coax complex collections of cutting edge cornball curiosities and colorfully comical crackpot compositions via the confidently controlled contortions of his cruelly capricious and cantankerously caterwauling crosscut in a cantabile cadence!