2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17
Reggie Garrett (vocals & guitar) & Christine Gunn (cello) are a musical duo of unparalleled emotion and virtuosity.  Reggie’s lyricism in his explorations of the variety and subtlety of human experience are supported and propelled into flight by Christine’s dynamic and sensuous musicality. 
Reggie Garrett has performed throughout the U.S. and Canada for a number of years, both solo and with his band Reggie Garrett & the SnakeOil Peddlers.  He is the purveyor of a unique urban strain of (mostly) acoustic music incorporating a number of diverse influences including: Folk, Blues, Latin rhythms, Gospel, Celtic, Rock, Jazz and more.  

Cellist/composer Christine Gunn has performed widely as a solo artist, creating richly layered musical tapestries with her looping pedal.  She is a founding member of the lively acoustic trio Trillian Green, and has performed as an accompanist to hundreds of bands, orchestras, musical theaters and singer-songwriters, both live and recorded. Her original compositions have graced independent films and performance pieces worldwide.

This unique duo paired up recently and present amazingly eclectic mix of music from many traditions in a rich, luminous musical tapestry.

Show Dates

March 24, 2024 @ 3:00pm - Broadway Performance Hall (Ticket info)
April 6, 2024 @ 3:00pm - Broadway Performance Hall (Ticket info)