2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

“Burlesque, pole, and stilts. It’s… surreal and sensual, kind of like if Shel Silverstein drew strippers.”

-Armitage Shanks

Patricia Charms was raised in the dreamy Pacific Northwest and abruptly aroused from her slumber by a raucous band of freaks and weirdos, who beckoned her along and propelled her into an entirely alien dreamscape of limitless dimension. Since being abducted by the circus, Patricia has embraced the dream and is able to appear in several forms, hoping to dance beyond the constraints of linear reality. Some days she is nine feet tall and upside down. Some days she’s shimmering softly along, peeking from behind a fan of gently quivering feathers. Often she is found in rapturous states of wild abandon, enthusiastically greeting the void and loudly proclaiming at the beauty of it all.