2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17
Nox Falls is a “gothicc” international performing artist that calls the Pacific Northwest home, amassing multiple awards within their career ranging from “Best Costume”, “Most Fierce” and “Queen”.
Using burlesque and SLAMlesque as a primary medium, they have established themselves as a “slow- burning doomwitch” with a niche for nasty, earning recognitions from 21st Century Burlesque, documentaries, magazines, the opportunities to headline multiple festivals, Viva Las Vegas and compete in The Burlesque Hall of Fame- and will be competing again for Queen next year.
In addition to their accolades, they are the founder/producer of Dark Diamonds Burlesque – an all POC collective, creative director of Emerald City Comic-Con Burlesque, and co-producer of Dark Violet Productions.
This “Naughty Body of Burlesque” will do anything for you – in the dark.