2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

#17 on the 21st Century Burlesque Magazine TOP 50 – Most Influential Burlesque Industry Figures of 2021, as voted for by thousands of burlesque fans and peers worldwide.

Known as the Director of Junk in da Trunk, the Michelle Obama of Burlesque, Seattle’s Own Mxtress of Thickness and ‘“The They Them Yas Queen of Burlesque”, Mx. Pucks A’Plenty is a roguish radical always ready to ride the stage. Spreading their black queer magic wherever they go, Pucks is always in control. As a plus size queer femme of color and a vocal member of the kink scene, Pucks knows their politics, body, and sex are always potent and radical.

Pucks has a dance background in jazz and ballet. Pucks took to dancing as soon as they could walk with their song of choice being Push It by Salt n Pepa at the age of two! They use their musicality and stage presence to grab hold of an audience and leave them on their knees wanting more. A graduate of Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque 101 and 202 programs in Seattle, Washington, Pucks works stages all over Seattle and has guest performed for Rock Candy Burlesque and Mischief: A Melanted Variety Show in Olympia, Washington. They were also featured in The Body Political in San Francisco, California in 2019.

No stranger to the festival circuit, Pucks has appeared in several, including:

  • Buxom Blaze Burlesque Festival – Austin, Texas 2018

  • Savannah Burlesque Festival 2018 and 2019

  • FIERCE! Queer Performing Arts Festival 2019

  • Edmonton Burlesque Festival 2019

  • Savannah Burlesque Festival 2018, 2019, 2021

They are #17 on the 21st Century Burlesque Magazine’s TOP 50 Most Influential Burlesque Industry Figures of 2021, 2021 Artist Trust Grants for Artists’ Progress (GAP) Recipient, Seattle Pride Magazine Fall 2021 Influencer, Savannah Burlesque Festival 2019’s Mx. Congeniality, and #15 on the 16 Plus and Curvy Burlesque Dancers list of 2017.

As an active member of the kink and BDSM scene Pucks weaves their sex appeal and their lifestyle into every performance as the Femme Daddy your mother didn’t know to warned you about. Pucks is a sex educator and co-host of the podcast, SexualiTEA SEA.

Pucks doesn’t shy away from their thick thighs or round behind and doesn’t think their audience should either.  As a FAT burlesque performer, Pucks has body and knows how to put it to WERK! Remember thick thighs save lives and Pucks is certified.  Pucks is also one of the producers behind FAT CON 2023.

This nonbinary babe produces as well under Puckduction as well as co-produces. They are the founder and co producer of What the Funk?! An All BIPOC Burlesque Festival. 2019 and 2021 this incredible festival made history with three sold out nights!

This queer’s pronouns are they/them and YAS Queen and they have #nopucksgiven!

Photo Credit: Erika Sterling Photography