2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Martin Mall is a classically trained cellist and multi-award winning professional juggler from Germany and he is renowned for his early innovations with the diabolo. In this year’s Moisture Festival Martin is offering a unique piece that blurs the line between visual and musical arts as he brings playing the cello and juggling together in one performance.

Immersed in a musical performance, all of a sudden a ball rolls down his bow! Where did it come from? And so his unique show begins in earnest. Using his cello in his juggling act he creates an exciting performance unlike anything that you’ve ever seen before.

Martin sometimes performs this piece with internationally renowned orchestras but for this pandemic era it’s good that he also worked often on his solo piece. He’s performed in concerts halls around the world and for high-end private and corporate events – he is no stranger to impressing audiences at black-tie events. With a repertoire that ranges from groovy jazz to classical interpretations and everything in between we’re looking forward to seeing the video that he is preparing especially for the 2021 Virtual Moisture Festival.


Photo Credit: Jojo Priedemann