2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Lucia Démone hails from Seattle, Washington. She lives to tell stories with sensuous and surprising performances, informed by the disciplines of dance, directing, acting, music, and physical comedy. She has graced the stage for a variety of performances from vaudevillian shows to professional character and dance work for EnJoy productions, UMO, Chameleon Performance, and more. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Performing Arts, she made her burlesque debut in Dangerous Beauty Entertainment’s 2021 International KITTEN Burlesque Festival, followed by her first live act in Hickie’s Dark Circus Burlesque Variety show in 2022. Lucia is absolutely thrilled to be joining the very festival she grew up in awe of. This is Lucia’s debut of her new act “Shiny Under All That Grease”.

Find Lucia on Instagram by clicking on the “Website” button.

Photo by Kelsea Hill