2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17
“A living, breathing work of art,” Lily Verlaine is a classically-trained ballet dancer and burlesque artist. Lily is Artistic Director and Choreographer of “Land of the Sweets, The Burlesque Nutcracker”, “Through The Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice In Wonderland” (2009) “L’Histoire de Melody Nelson” (2010) and “Burlesco DiVino: Wine in Rome” (2012). In early 2015, Lily formed her dance company, House of Verlaine: an Exquisite Assemblage of Daring Classical Artists, who bring her hedonistic classical fantasias to life in interpretations of classics like “Giselle” (2017) and “Gaité Parisienne” (2015).
Lily Verlaine has performed her witty solo work as a guest in Europe, Asia, Australia, Los Angeles, New York, New Zealand, Chicago, and at The Portland Art Museum. Lily is a two-time titleholder at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, and her work style and ethic has been documented in “Land of The Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker” a documentary by Deirdre Timmons.