2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

So … the 2018 Moisture Festival was already underway by the time we had a chance to really get into what it was this performer would do at the festival. She told us about singing the male and female parts in a well known song and that does sound a bit like Moisture Festival territory. She has a unique costume … yes … that’s good. A three and a half octave range? That caused some of our musicians to perk up. We usually like to see them in performance but she was off overseas and didn’t have a video (most performers do have a video). Hmmmm … while we were thinking about it, the guy who puts together the Moisture bios started Googling to see what he could find out about Karen Willie.

In some circles she is known as the Water Witch and that, alone, should help her in a festival that celebrates moisture. But when we read further into why she is known in Seattle’s legal community as the Water Witch we were sold. We are looking forward too seeing her on our stage, Karen Willie.