2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Junior Cesar was born as a baby in Guarulhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1986 but he was reborn as a performer ten years later when he made a short presentation of break dance at school. A circus teacher saw him and that led to an invitation to train with the Guarulhos Circus School where he gained experience in aerobatics solo, coop, modern dance, trampoline, flight trapeze, Chinese pole and balance. He dove into balance and endured the pain of practice and gaining new skills, even a new physique in order to follow that dream.

He moved on to UniverSoul Circus, an Atlanta, Georgia based company that took Junior on tour of American cities where he picked up more and more experience but decided to return home to Brazil. He worked again on his body and yoga gymnastics and came through to the other side with a more flexible body and a new joy in his work. Junior Cesar says that he loves providing the public with the magic of the circus and exploring the numerous possibilities that the human being is capable of when one has purpose, focus, patience, determination, courage and persistence.

We are so glad to have him with us this year and we look forward to our chance to come together in Seattle some time.