2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Jordie Campbell is an interdisciplinary circus performer, coach, and curious explorer of all things movement. She performs and creates original work both on and off the ground specializing in aerial silks, rope, sling, and a signature blend of ground movement influenced by years of dance, acrobatics, hand balancing, and contortion training. Jordie is passionate about collaboration between people and also between styles and interests. From movies to music and art she draws inspiration from many sources to create movement uniquely her own and strives to encourage the same in others. With over ten years of performance experience she has trained and performed with an array of apparatus on a variety of stages from cabaret shows to full length productions. From small town Oregon U.S.A. to traveling the world she is hungry and humble to experience, create, and share new ways of expression with the body.

Instagram: @jordienotjordan

Photo Credit: Andrew Lloyd

Photo Credit: Sanderling Photography