2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Jordan is currently the worlds most advanced contortionist. Jordan is unique, in
that she bends both front, back, side, dislocates and twists.

Jordan won the bronze prize in the International Circus Festival of Figueres
Spain, competed in the Moscow, Nikulin International Circus festival, won silver
in Cirque de Massy France and most recently Princess Stephanie awarded Jordan
with the bronze prize in the prestigious International Circus Festival of Monte
Carlo and will soon be competing in the International
Circus Festival of Wuqiao, China.

Jordan will be working this year in Circus Roncali’s Apollo Varieté and Circus
Krone in Germany and Cirque En Noel in France. Her most recent contracts were
with Africa on Ice in France and Gran Circ Nadal de Girona, Spain.