2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

A One-Armed Juggler combining Circus Arts with Spoken Word to amaze, astound and inspire
audiences of all ages. Jason lost his arm in an electrical accident when he was six years old and while recuperating at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital he immediately began to entertain the nurses and his fellow patients. Since then has had to overcome challenges on a daily basis. Living life with a disability has taught him how to face adversity with creativity and persistence. He has integrated this learning into his performance art and calls on everyone to open their mind to their dreams and redefine the word “impossible”. In performance, Jason addresses big questions at the same time as making the audience laugh. Who are we? What are we? Is there meaning and purpose in our lives? What can we do to feel more alive, more useful, and more satisfied with our contributions to community and at the same time feel supported, cared for, and loved? What are our limits and are they as solid as they seem sometimes? Somebody has to ask these questions with confidence, clarity, and comedy. We’re proud to add Moisture Festival to the list of venues where Jason makes his points.