2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

We’ve asked these guys to help launch the party at the Broadway Performance Hall on Burlesque nights and they are set to do just that. Steve Flynn is a multi-instrumentalist with the most diverse styles of music you’re ever likely to see in someone’s bio: Rock/Rhythm-and-Blues, Boogie, New Orleans-style piano as well as playing the Ney, an ancient Middle-Eastern flute, and the harmonium for whirling, sufi dancing and mystical poetry but on these nights with Ricky they will feature Honky Tonkers play Rockin’ West Coast Twang!
Ricky Gene Powell, for his part, heads up the Boys of Greewood Glen band when he isn’t playing solo or joining with Steve in the Honky Tonkers group. Ricky sings and plays Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Dobro and Accordion. He’s often featured as an American Cowboy
and has a wealth of experience combined with a warm-hearted presence and a light handed approach to life. Together they are immensely entertaining. Honky Tonkers play Rockin’ West Coast Twang!