2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Esther Edelman of UMO fame is performing at this year’s festival as a solo aerialist along with the wonderful Jami Sieber on cello and Esther will join the amazing aerial troupe Aviatrix. Esther has over 20 years of choreographing, directing, and performance experience that spans international stages and events. She is an Artistic Director and Co-founder of the groundbreaking UMO Ensemble. Esther’s passion is aerial arts and some of her choreographic and performance highlights include Ringulon alien acrobats atop the Space Needle, Silkfire fabric piece in the Hotbox at the Museum of Glass, bungee finale for UMO’s Millennium Circus, Rapunzel: A Radical Aerial Telling featuring the aerial fabric, and dangling from a crane at the Point Defiance Zoo. Esther strives to create a “fluid mix of circus and aerial arts” that is “elegant and expressive” (Seattle PI). Committed to transcending the limitations of individual forms, Esther has made her mark in combining disciplines such as aerial circus and theatrical narrative to produce truly innovative work.