2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Eric (he/they) is skilled in diverse artistic expressions: an adept juggler, acrobatic dancer, visual artist, and circus arts teacher. Featured as a juggler in Shoestring Circus, they have also toured regionally with Flotsam River Circus, internationally as half of theatrical comedy duo, Figmentally, and is lead instructor and director on the founding team of Circo Latino Circus Institute in New Mexico. They perform frequently in Bellingham, Washington, serve on the Board of Directors of the Lookout Arts Quarry, and produce the 3-day Sh’BANG arts + music + circus festival.

Show Dates

March 31, 2024 @ 3:00pm - Broadway Performance Hall (Ticket info)
March 31, 2024 @ 7:30pm - Broadway Performance Hall (Ticket info)