2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Vespertilio is the duo aerial hoop work of Tanya Burka and Sidonie Adamson.

Their speciality is dynamic spin work that combines dramatic displays of flexibility and unique porting sequences.

The word Vespertilio is Latin for bat, and it means “little evening one,” perfect for two performers who spend their lives in dark theatres, hanging upside down.

Tanya Burka is a graduate of Montreal’s renowned National Circus School with a specialty in aerial silks, aerial hoop, and acrobatic clown. Tanya has performed across Europe, Asia, and North America with grand-scale touring productions like Cirque du Soleil, as well as in more intimate cabaret venues, regional tours, corporate events and festivals. She has a portfolio in stage management, coaching and assistant direction alongside her stage career. Tanya likes cats, pastries, and telling people she used to be an nuclear engineer. No lie.

Sidonie Adamson is a circus performer specialising in solo and duo aerial hoop and Cascorde, a unique aerial apparatus created with Tanya Burka in 2014. She is a versatile artist who’s career has spanned multiple continents and countless performances ranging from cruise ships and tours to intimate local cabarets and corporate events. Career highlights include creating virtual worlds with Les 7 Doigts de la Main, absurdly extravagant events with Anystage productions and a brief guest appearance in Bacio Rosso, Vancouver’s first dinner cabaret theatre.

Sidonie is also a cat lover, olive aficionado and coach aerialists, stunt performers and the acrobatically inclined.