2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Join Marc and Svetlana Buttersworth for their ‘Honeymoon Cabaret!’ In the style of Las Vegas lounge meets 80’s pop melodrama this newly-wed couple is here to remind the public that Love Heals All Wounds! They have filled their excess baggage with glitzy, glamorous acts that will amaze, perplex and ultimately inspire people to believe in the Magic of Love. This is a tale of romance set to a delusional talent show. You will never forget this legendary act, you might even have nightmares! *******************************************

Marc and Svetlana will take you on a wild ride down a road paved with unicorns, abundant hair and bananas. Swimming in the waters of classic cabaret and cresting the wave of in-your-face interactive madness, their performance will test the lines between reality and absurdity, humor and taboo.
“Hilariously naughty and provocative.” ­ New York Times …”Inspired Comedy” ­ Variety …”Sexy Clowns” ­ The Week …“Fantastically unpredictable and perverse.” – The Sun Herald …”hilarious, horrific, and squirm-inspiring…”-AustralianStage.com.au