2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

A recent show by Circus Syzygy was described like this: “In an era when technology and information pervade our lives, we are hyper-connected, yet perhaps even our neighbors are utter strangers. Plugged-in, cast out, and searching for connection, Syzygy dives into the heart of this contemporary conundrum.”

Six circus artists combine their sensational acrobatic art, uproarious physical humor and idiosyncratic dance-theater, set against a curious backdrop of objects both natural and man-made. The result is a whimsical world in which the domestic and wild spheres meet. In this universe, time is running out, inanimate objects take on life, and acrobats face mortal risk as, together, they bridge the distance between themselves and nature, technology, and of course, each other. Circus Syzygy (SIZ-uh-jee) is a company of 6 artists who have dedicated themselves to the production of authentic and bold live performance; their goal is to create work that showcases virtuosic talent together with human frailty, folly and inanity.

Company members include Mick Holsbeke, Duo Madrona, and Terry Crane. Circus Syzygy has performed locally and internationally since 2010. ACT artistic director called Syzygy’s first creation, Just Add Water, “a delight! A wonder!” Using dance, theater, comedy and of course circus arts, the company creates unique transformational performances.