2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Too weird to explain, too cool to miss, I will be watching this carefully, again! Sometime around the turn of the century, in between the heydays of the great medicine shows and vaudeville, there was a sideshow act called chairboy that wormed its way through the pages of entertainment history. Chairboy was a part of the Freak Show, and he was a sensation.

As legend has it, chairboy was born in a furniture warehouse. His mother had died during childbirth, and chairboy had instead imprinted on a dinette set. This may not seem like a natural genesis for one of the greatest stories in the annals of entertainment. But chairboy performances electrified audiences, and held multitudes spellbound. Common people obviously identified with the young man with an innocent yet powerful bond of love for his seat. If a chairboy booking was cancelled, violent riots were a virtual certainty.