2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

The Velones are Cathy Sutherland and Martha Enson. Between them, the theater arts scene in Seattle is and has been a richer. Aerialistas, Royal Famille du Caniveaux, The Velones, Flying Karamazov Brothers, Theatre Schmeatre, the UMO ensemble, Printers Devil Theatre, Aviatrix, En-Joy Productions, the first Fringe Theater Festival in the US, The Daring Deviante Sisters, the training of elite level gymnastics in Seattle and The Moisture Festival itself … these are just a handful of the groups who have benefited from their talent at performance and organization and their willingness to share their time.

You won’t see all of that when The Velones perform at the Moisture Festival. You’ll see beautiful and muscular women move to the music while demonstrating acrobatic skills and making that task seem like dance.