March 12, 2020 - April 5, 2020

Carla Ulbrich, President of the Difficult Last Name Club and former member of the defunct trio Girls Gone Funny is a comical singer-songwriter and guitarist from South Carolina currently living in New Jersey. This Professional Smart Aleck has toured the US and England, appearing on USA TV, the BBC, and The Bob and Sherrie Show and venues such as the Falcon Ridge and Kerrville Folk Festivals. With songs such as “Duet with a Klingon” and “What If Your Butt Was Gone,” she is frequently heard on Sirius XM Radio’s comedy stations as well Dr. Demento’s famed radio show and podcast. Carla has released a book of humorous essays about her medical adventures as “The Singing Patient,” entitled “How Can You *Not* Laugh at a Time Like This?” (pub: Tell Me Press). We are so looking forward to sharing Carla with our Seattle audiences.