March 12, 2020 - April 5, 2020

Smoldering at the core of Camille Swift’s artistic vision is a quest to find beauty and elegance in what is savage and strange. Swift is a Chicago-based circus artist, specializing in static trapeze and dance trapeze. Whether she is disguised as a quirky clockwork chameleon or a seductive dancer à la Carmen or Scheherazade, she strives to embody both ferocity and finesse in her performances. With extensive training in traditional arts (ballet, piano, oil painting) and a few less conventional ones (breakdancing, Japanese swordsmanship), Swift is a polymath who works to create acts that are highly skilled yet imaginative, expressive and visually striking. She speaks fluent French and has traveled to Paris and Montreal to develop her acts and pursue her training. She is also a visual artist, whose paintings are every bit as fanciful and bizarre as her aerial acts. 2017