2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Internationally acclaimed beatboxer,
drummer, juggler, musician, actor, funny
man, and circus performer extraordinaire,
Bronkar Lee has taken his skills to
thousands of colleges, schools, fairs,
festivals, corporate events, parties, clubs
and theaters around the world. Bronkar’s
claim to fame is getting hundreds of
thousands of Swiss people to beatbox with
him using absolutely no words and only
one microphone!
Bronkar’s been a featured act on NBC’s
America’s Got Talent, was named ‘Mr.
Comediality’ by San Francisco’s Comedy
Club House and was nominated for East
Bay Express’ Best Entertainer of the year
award in 2009. Bronkar combines music,
charisma, improvisation and energy like no
one else — making him a rhythmic pioneer
in the world of performance!