2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

In the air, Bob and Leah are a perfect fit. Their mutual passion for the aerial arts brings another dimension to their performance. This can be seen in full color on the black and white video at this url address https://vimeo.com/106325866 . ****************************************
When not pursuing his passion for aerial, Bob Bozarth is a trainer with Studio Fit here in Seattle. He came to this work after graduating as a Health and Fitness Specialist from Lake Washington Technical College and he continues today helping young and old to find ways to connect with and improve their bodies. He continues to learn new training methods and takes pride in finding ways to incorporate them into the workouts and tailored plans presented to his students.
Leah V. Jones also takes great pleasure from training and teaching … she currently teaches and performs hip hop dance and aerial arts. She describes her movement style as gritty, sassy, evocative, emancipated and full of contrast. Leah’s thirteen years of combined dance experience started unofficially in her childhood living room and officially in the studios of Oregon Ballet Theater, where she trained in the pre-professional program for five years. After ballet, Leah explored other forms of dance, training most intensively with Tracey Durbin and Maricella Devine (Portland based) in Luigi jazz technique and funk-based hip hop respectively. Leah has focused the most recent chapter of her movement life on circus arts, specializing in aerial rope and straps. She received her most formative circus training at the San Francisco Circus Center and under the coaching of Portland-based straps artist Shersten Finley.