2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Last year this rocking 4-girl team of aerial stunt women brought you the aerobatic stunts of “Wingwalking” – a triple trapeze precision flying spectacle.
They are back in a whole new guise with their newest piece “Too Many Martinis”.
Hailing from various local aerial groups (The Aerialistas, The Velone Sisters, and The Flying Caribe girls) are Carri Anderson, Cathy Sutherland, Esther Edelman and Martha Enson. In their combined pasts they have been gymnasts, actors, dancers, and directors. They have performed across the United States and in Europe & Mexico, on the outer edge of the space needle and in the presence of kings. Then they took to the skies, and now they have a whole new flavor for you.
The recipe – two 5 foot Martini glasses and 4 gin soaked floozies. Hold onto the rim, cause here she pours!