2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

blues, and pop/punk . “Pay to be Loved”, her debut album, is described as “exuding a dark outlook that recalls Tom Waits and Edith Piaf…her probing lyrics on the underbelly of romance with delirious results”, Brad Walseth, Jazz Chicago.com and “Ashia’s unconventional sound is sometimes haunting, alternating among broad ranges of styles, volumes, and speeds at most unexpected moments…an album praiseworthy for its sincere originality and stunning musical range”, Melanie Fried, Elmore Magazine. Her talents and hard work in classical cello training were noticed at the age of 21, as she was invited to play cello and sing at Cirque du Soleil’s production of “O” in Las Vegas, NV for four months. She returned a year later, after traveling to Europe and studying, to join “O” full-time. Outside of working at”O”, Ashia performed alongside band members of BlueManGroup and cast members of sister Cirque du Soleil shows, as well as completing a BA in music at Central Washington University. Her experience with circus performers infected her with a strong interest in theatrical and cabaret performance. Upon leaving “O”, she co-formed a dynamic cabaret style duet act with aerial hoop artist, Fernanda Mas Monteiro, where she sings and plays a version of her CD title song “Pay to be Loved” . Scratching an itch to travel and squelching a hunger to perform to audiences abroad, she flew across the seas to her birth city Wroclaw, Poland. She recently performed to enthralled audiences in Berlin, DE and theaters in Wroclaw, PL, and currently performs with the Portland Cello Project.

I love this release. Ashia combines the vocal sensibilites of Elenie
Mandel and the avante-garde musical approach of The Dresden Dolls with
the intensiveness of P.J. Harvey. How could this not be good?
Standouts include the title track, “Pay to be Loved” as well as
“Nomanmad” and “Ne me Quitte Pas”. Mite Mutant, The ChickenFish Speaks