March 12, 2020 - April 5, 2020

Glad to be back playing with my Moisture Festival family, in what I think is my 13 year onstage! I have also had the wonderful opportunity to serve as part of the production/booking team for the previous 5 years. This year, from the production standpoint, I have only gazed from afar as I am presently earning my Master’s Degree in Theatre Direction from UC Santa Cruz. It is an amazing “later-in-life” opportunity that I feel grateful to have been offered, and I am learning from some incredible artists and theorists. The sunsets ain’t bad either! I look forward to creating from this newly minted vantage point.

Background bits for those that don’t know me- I work around the world as a cabaret performer, director and educator; I was the co-founder & ringmaster of Circus Contraption; The writer and director of Storyville Rising at Seattle Immersive Theatre; Director for the NY, Off-Broadway production of “Squirm Burpee, A Vaudevillian Melodrama” by The Handsome Little Devils; Starred as “Johnny Valentine” in the feature film “Burlesque Assassins”; and was the lead singer of the alternative music group “Phineas Gage.”

When I’m not making or teaching art, I’m usually traveling, adventuring, reading, engaging in my passion for being in the water (scuba diving, crew, competitive sailing, surfing, outrigger canoe) and spending time with my wife Colleen and our son Aidan.