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He is based in Boston, MA, but frequently performs in countries where speaking English would be useless. So he speaks a made-up gibberish language! With his expressive face and body, he gets folks laughing. He has appeared on Showtime, America’s Got Talent, PBS,  The Just for Laughs Comedyfest, and in interviews on Public Radio International. It started with a paper route that included a used book store. The owner tipped him with back issues of National Geographic magazine. He treasured them, and dreamed of connecting with the many people who filled its pages. How could you bring a smile to anyone, regardless of age or native tongue?
His fascination with foreign cultures led him to pursue anthropology at Reed College. He improved his job prospects by dropping out, and enrolling in The Dell Arte School of Physical Comedy. There, he began the serious study of funny faces, mimicry, and silent films. Acting without words became his passion, and his quirky comedy led to appearances from off-Broadway to theaters from Siberia to Singapore.