2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17


When is Moisture Festival?

Moisture Festival 2022 is scheduled to run March 17 through April 10 at Hale’s Palladium in Fremont, Seattle. with one weekend of Burlesque shows at Broadway Performance Hall.
We are monitoring the public heath situation will continue to follow all CDC, Washington State, and King County Health Department guidelines. 

What is a Moisture Festival show?

Moisture Festival presents a high energy comedy/varietè show featuring a rapid succession of acts showcasing comedy alongside awe-inspiring physical and mental dexterity, with poignant moments of strength and delicate beauty to make audiences laugh, wonder, shake their heads in disbelief and truly appreciate how live entertainment can exhilarate and bring real joy. A live show band propels each performance. Varietè has its roots in the Music Halls of 19th century England, cabaret in Europe and vaudeville in America. Because of the talented artists currently working in this genre, it is still fresh, exciting and tremendous fun for the audience.

Are each of the shows the same?

No. Each variete show is a little different (in so many ways!) 

Each show at the festival features between eight and 10 performers who change from show to show. Some performers appear in several shows while others might only appear in one or two shows, but no variete show lineup is exactly the same.

Which artists are performing in which shows?

Artists appearing in specific shows will be noted in the Calendar listing. Please remember that all appearances are subject to last minute change.

How long are the shows?

Shows run approximately two hours. Workshops vary in length (see the event detail on those.)



How do I buy tickets?

Purchase tickets online. Our ticketing agent is Bold Type Tickets. 

If you prefer to purchase tickets by phone you can call 888-377-4510.

Do you sell a pass?

No. Moisture Festival shows are ticketed individually. While you are shopping, your online cart will remember each of the shows you add to it, so you can purchase tickets to as many shows as you want all at once.

I bought tickets for the wrong date/time/venue – help!

Tickets are ONLY valid for the show time, day and location for which they are issued. You cannot use your tickets for a different show than the one they are issued for. You can change your ticket order by calling Bold Type Tickets at 888-377-4510. Changes must be made at least three hours prior to showtime though Bold Type Tickets. Ticket changes cannot be made at the time of the show by onsite box office staff.

Ticket refunds can be issued at least three hours prior to showtime thought Bold Type Tickets. Tickets become non-refundable after this cut-off.

Tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged once the show has happened.

Are there tickets to tonight’s show(s)? Can I buy a ticket before the show on site?

If it’s more than three hours before showtime we recommend that you look online or call Bold Type Tickets at 888-377-4510 to see if there are tickets and buy them now! Shows frequently sell out, so we highly recommend buying tickets in advance. 

Tickets are on sale online up to three hours before showtime. If the show is not sold out, then the onsite box office will have any tickets left available for sale beginning one hour prior to showtime. If/when tickets are sold out the box office will begin a waitlist at that time.

The show I want says “Sold Out” online. Is it really sold out?

Yes, it’s really sold out. We MAY -and we really mean MAY– have just a few to release for sale when the onsite box office opens one hour prior to showtime.  We really won’t know if we can release any until that time.  The ONLY way to find out and get any released tickets is to be at the onsite box office when it opens.  If we cannot release any we will start a waitlist when the onsite box office opens.

I have Will Call tickets, when can I pick them up?

Will Call tickets can be picked up beginning one hour prior to showtime at the onsite box office. (Doors open 30 minutes prior to showtime)

It turns out I can’t come tonight. Can I refund/resell my ticket?

Ticket refunds can be issued at least three hours prior to showtime though Bold Type Tickets by calling 888-377-4510. Tickets become non-refundable after this cut-off. Moisture Festival does not have the capability to resell your ticket for you at the door.

Does my child need a ticket?

Yes. Children 12 and under have a discounted Youth ticket price! Children do need a ticket regardless of whether they are seated in a chair or on the carpet up front (carpet available at matinees only).
Babes in arms do not need a ticket if they will truly be in your arms for the whole show. Shows run about two hours, so please judge your ability to be comfortable with your babe, or if you would prefer to buy a seat for them. Strollers will need to be parked in the lobby.

Do you participate in TeenTix?

Yes! We proudly participate in TeenTix. Our Box Office opens 1 hour before any showtime. TeenTix can be purchased for that show if there are tickets available.

What is TeenTix? In partnership with 60 regional arts organizations, TeenTix ensures equitable arts access for all young people, and empowers young people to engage in civic life through the arts. Any teenager (13-19 years old) can sign up for a free TeenTix pass. The pass entitles them to purchase a $5.00 day-of-show ticket.

Can I get advance tickets at the onsite box office, or at the Hale’s taproom?

No. You can only get advance tickets online or via phone through Bold Type Tickets. Hale’s does not sell any tickets. The onsite box office wagon in front of the theater opens one hour before showtime and sells tickets only for the current showtime, and only *if* tickets aren’t sold out. We do expect shows to sell out (especially weekends), so securing your tickets in advance online is highly recommended.

Bold Type Tickets does not have any brick and mortar ticket locations. Tickets can be purchased online or over the phone at 888-377-4510.

Do we offer group discounts?

No. Moisture Festival is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Part of our mission is to keep ticket prices as low as possible for everyone. Our ticket prices are as low as they can be.

We will work with your large group (school groups, retirement home groups, etc) to make a bulk or buy-out ticket block purchase. Contact our office via ticketquestions at moisturefestival dot org well in advance to make arrangements.

The show I want is sold out.  Is there any way to get a ticket? Who can I bribe?

Moisture Festival really does not have a secret stash of tickets beyond what’s available on Bold Type Tickets. If a show is sold out, you can come to the festival’s onsite box office when it opens one hour before the show to purchase any released tickets or to get on the waitlist. There are no guarantees you’ll get a ticket but that is the only way to try to get a ticket to a sold out show. Please be sure to order your tickets as soon as possible as we expect that most shows will sell out in advance (especially weekends!). We will try our very best to get everyone we possibly can into the show. At Hale’s Palladium we will sell Standing Room. Unfortunately, at Broadway Performance Hall there is no option for Standing Room.

(Bribes can be made in large denominations of chocolate or coffee. Bribes are no guarantee whatsoever of getting a ticket, but the staff will love you.)


What are the seating arrangements?

Hale’s Palladium and Broadway Performance Hall: Festival-style seating only (aka open-seating, no assigned seats, general seating). Doors open 30 minutes before showtime. For first dibs on seating we recommend being in line by then.

When do doors open?

Doors open 30 minutes prior to showtime at all events at Hale’s Palladium and Broadway Performance Hall.

Do you allow late seating?

Yes. Hale’s Palladium is a casual venue. If you need to arrive late you can enter the theater at any time and one of our friendly volunteers will help you find a seat at the break between acts. Broadway Performance Hall is a more formal venue. You can be seated late, but you will be asked to wait in the Lobby until the House Manager can seat you.

Please bear in mind that many shows sell out, and while there are seats for everyone, open seats may not always be next to each other after the majority of guests have arrived. The later you arrive the less chance there will be of seats together for your whole party. There is no refund or partial refund on tickets for late arrivals or an inability to seat parties together.

Which shows are family friendly? Which shows have age restrictions?

All 3:00 and 7:30 variete shows are all ages. All 10:30 variete and all Libertease Cabaret shows are 18+.

We have come to realize that it is impossible to define “family friendly” since it depends entirely on the particular family, but here is a way to gauge which show is right for you:

3:00pm variete shows are ideal for children of all ages;

7:30pm variete shows are geared for all ages, but we cannot guarantee that they will meet everyone’s expectations of “family friendly” and may contain adult innuendo.

10:30pm variete shows contain adult content and

all Libertease Cabaret shows contain partial nudity and adult content.

It is up to the discretion of the parent or guardian to determine if the show is appropriate for their children.

Where can I find parking?

Street parking at all venues (read the signs carefully!), plus:

Hale’s Palladium: also a small free event parking lot just north of the Palladium. Look for the “Event Parking” sign.

Broadway Performance Hall: also a covered pay-parking garage on Pine & Harvard behind (west of) the theater.

Are food and drinks available in the venues?

Hale’s Palladium: Concessions food and beverages for sale in the Palladium before and during the show. Offerings include hotdogs, pretzels, candy and popcorn as well as beer, wine, hard cider, and sodas. Or, come early and have some delicious Mexican food from El Camion which is now in residence in the Hale’s Taproom.

Broadway Performance Hall: Hale’s Ales, hard cider, wine, signature cocktails, and small snack food for sale before the show and at intermission in the lobby. Beverages in Theater Cups only inside the theater.

Credit cards accepted at all venues.

Are the venues handicapped accessible?

Yes. If you would like to avoid both waiting in line and coming in with the crowd, we recommend arriving 45 minutes before the show starts. Come to the box office to pick up your tickets if Will Call, and then ask the the box office to contact the house manager to seat you and your party in the house before the doors open.

If arriving later, please consider arriving 20 minutes before showtime so we may seat you comfortably before the show begins.

Hale’s Palladium: Has a small ADA section that we keep open until shortly before the show starts when it appears that it will not be used. Then we add chairs to that section and seat other patrons. Hale’s Palladium does not have specified ADA parking, however you are welcome to pull up temporarily at the front of the theater to allow those with limited mobility to exit vehicles before seeking parking.

Broadway Performance Hall: Has several ADA seats in the front row of the theater. Broadway Performance Hall does not have specified ADA parking, and does have a very large plaza to cross between the front door and the street. Please allow a extra time for those with limited mobility.

Can I bring my dog, bird, lizard, kangaroo?

Pets are not allowed in any of our venues. Service animals will be allowed to accompany you.  Please note that our shows feature a live band and can be quite noisy and boisterous. Please use your discretion to determine if our shows are a good fit for your service animal.  Service animals are always welcome in the Hale’s Taproom.

Can I take photos, videos, Instagram?

Photography, videography, and image/audio capture of any kind during the shows is strictly prohibited for the safety of our artists, for the regard of your fellow attendees, and to protect the intellectual property of our acts. Please respect the artists of our stage and the experience for everyone of live theater and refrain from photography, video, mobile phone photos, selfies (yes, even photos of yourself during the show) – all of it.

Moisture Festival has staff photographers and videographers who capture amazing images of the shows. Check them out here.

You can use your camera before the shows, during intermission, or after the shows to your heart’s content to get those selfies on Instagram.

Press, please contact press@moisturefestival.org to arrange for photo/video credentials.

Have more questions? Want to talk to us? Email or call us at ticketquestions at moisturefestival dot org or 206-552-0773. Please bear in mind that we are a small staff producing a huge festival. If you call or email during shows, it may take us a bit to return your message.

Tickets can be purchased via phone at 888-377-4510 or online beginning in December.

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