2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17


Seattle Moisture Festival is powered by our Community of Artists, Volunteers, Sponsors, and DONORS.

STAR ($100-$999) and SUPERSTAR ($1,000+) donors are listed below and on our Galaxy of Stars on the walls of Hale’s Palladium during the month-long Festival. THANK YOU to all of our donors!

We do our best to accurately acknowledge our donors. Please accept our deepest apologies if we have made a mistake on your listing and please reach out with corrections to Tim Gonzalez-Wiler, Director of Development, at timgw@moisturefestival.org or (360) 328-1166.


Individual Donors

SUPERSTAR ($1000+)

Dan Shih & Ted MacGovern
David Bradlee and Kathryn Gardow
Jeff Hermanson
Lisa Sowder
Mary Fleischman & Cliff Perry
Matthew Morris and Sara Goering
Mike and Michele Sharp
Randy and Willa Rohwer
The Foley Family
The Grant Family
The Greco Family
Tim Gonzalez-Wiler and friends

STAR ($100-$999)

Aaron Hannon
Al Parisi
Amber Pearce
Amy Neuburger
Mary Kennedy and Andy Lyle
Audrey and Maya Sieberson
Bernice Maslan
Billy and Cris Kessler
BJ Last
Bob Curley and Lori Pederson
Bob Venezia
Bradford Erickson
Candace Hegeman
Caroline Ettinger
Carolyn and Rod Smith
Cheryl Carp
Chris and BJ Ohlweiler
Christian Swenson and Abigail Halperin
Christopher and Mary Troth
Dick and Carrie Stein
Doris O’Connor
Eben Sprinsock
Frank Dauer
George Miller
Heather Mead
Heather Weihl
Helen Gamble
In Memory of Paul
Jamie Marshall and Tara Gallagher
Janet Egger
Jeff Wilson and Lara Olsha
Judy and Krijn de Jonge
Judy Burke
Julia Buck
Karen Bowman and Assoc.
Kari Boeskov
Katherine Bragdon
Katherine Ransel
Kathryn O’Brien
Kelly and Kevin Eng
Kevin and Caun Knapp
Kris Durgin
Kris Raftis
Kurt and Jackie Swanson
Laura Baumwall
Lauren Lennox
Leah Papernick
Linda Wensrich
Lowell Skoog
Lynne Ellis
Maque daVis
Margie and Greg Smith
Marjorie Levy
Mark and Katha Dalton
Mary Elizabeth Preslar
Mary Ellen Flanagan
Meredith Everist
Mike and Marsha Munson
Mike Bailey
Nicholas Lee
Norma Baum
Patrick Davis
Paul E Casey
Paul Loeb and Rebecca Hughes
Perry and Christine Atkins
Phil O’Brien
Randy and Chris Nelson
Rubber Chicken Man
Sara Early and Daniel Gamelin
Scott and Peggy Lilja
Scott Griffin and Liesa Rose
Seamus Kelly
Signa Moe
Tim Furst
Todd and Sylvie Currie
Todd Sandell
Tom and Stephanie Hillier
Virginia Baird
Xanthe Lancaster
Zoe Ryan

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