2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17


Seattle Moisture Festival is powered by our Community of Artists, Volunteers, Sponsors, and DONORS. We would not be here without you. 

STAR ($100-$999), SUPERSTAR ($1,000+) and FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL (Monthly) donors are listed below. THANK YOU to all of our donors!

Our 2024 Festival Donor lists are generated based on donations from May 1, 2023 through the end of the 2024 Festival. We do our best to accurately acknowledge our donors. Please accept our deepest apologies if we have made a mistake on your listing and please reach out with corrections to Tim Gonzalez-Wiler, Director of Development, at timgw@moisturefestival.org or (360) 328-1166.




2024 Festival Donors

Reflecting gifts made since 5/1/2023. Last Updated 03/19/2024. 

SUPERSTAR ($1000+)

Andy Miller
Becky Nixon and Mark Radbourne
Bob Greco
Cathy Johnson and Lindsay Nall
Chris and Mary Troth
Christian Swenson & Abigail Halperin
David Bradlee and Kathryn Gardow
Eric Orlin
In loving memory of Jay Bulmash
Jenn Tucker
Joe Murphy
Kris Durgin
Leslie and Mike Foley
Lisa Schaures
Mike and Michele Sharp
Mouse Mama
Paul Bryant and Caroline Sayre
Randy and Chris Nelson
Rebecca Wishnietsky
Sasha and Carey Rayburn
Scott West
Steven Smith
Steven Wren
The Chabot Family
The Grant Family
The Shih-MacGovern Family
Vivian Rand and Walter Harley
Wade Madsen


STAR ($100-$999)

Adam Epstein
Alan and Barbara Davidoff
Alice Yuan
Amanda Huber
Amanda Lee and Bob Venezia
Amy Taylor
Andrew Sachs
Angela Bartels
Angela Miksovsky
Angela Sgarlata
April, Bryan, Eliza & Simon
Arthur & Rachel Patterson
Audrey and Maya Sieberson
Audrey Ruhland
Audrey Smith
Becky McAuley
Bekah Boehm
Bernice Maslan
Bill and Laura
Billy & Cris Kessler
Brandi and Toru
Brook Boeskov
Carl Hirschman
Carole Linhart
Caroline Stanford
Chris Allen
Chris and BJ Ohlweiler
Chris and Elizabeth Banta
Cindi Tigges
Dan Friedman
Daniel Goering
David Brooks
Debra Quinones
Denise Klein
Derek Seymour
Diana Herbst
Dianne Bennett and Steve Mrowiec
Donna Strohl
Eben Sprinsock and Janet Egger
Ed & Becky Jhu
Edwin Strisower
Emrick Family
Eric Lee
Eric Orlin
Frank Dauer
Graham Anderson
Gwyn Staton
Harold Dash
Heather Weihl
Helen Curtis and Josh Laitila
In memory of Bob Sherman
James and Catherine Alexander
James Turner
Jay Wardle
Jennifer Salk
Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson
Joe and Priscilla Vivio
Joe Hampson
Jorgen Anderson
Judge Mentalist
Kara Lagerloef
Katherine Bragdon & Ted Lockery
Kathryn and Douglas Snider
Kathy Noblat
Kenneth Minogue
Kevin and Caun Knapp
Kevin and Christy Pope
Larry and Suzi Hettick
Lawrence Kuhn
Lily Zhou
Lisa Biermann
Lisa Loper
Lisa Schaures
Lucia Schmidt
Maggie & Nick
Maque daVis and Norma Baum
Marcie Johnsen
Marcus Macklin
Martha Rose
Mary Aikenhead
Meg, Seamus and Quinn Kelly
Meredith Everist
Michael Cook
Michael Froebe and Janet Best
Michael Kremer
Michael McCone
Michael Smith
Mike and Marsha Munson
Mike Bailey
Mike Massa
Moisture Festival
Nancy Goodno
Nicholas Lee
Olen Ronning
Patricia English
Paul and Anna McKee
Paul Blinzer
Peter Kaczkowski
Peter Ostrander
Randy and Willa Rohwer
Rebecca Strisower
Robert Thomas
Rosamaria Graziani
Sandra Boeskov
Sara Jaye Sanford
Scott & Peggy Lilja
Scott West
Sean Stitham and Jeannie Nahan
Shane McDaniel
Shannon Ninburg
Shawn Pearce
Shirley Thom
Steven Smith
Susan Stasik
Tanya Mertel
Tara Gallagher and Jamie Marshall
The Radheshwar Family
The Shih-MacGovern Family
The Stuhldreher Calcagno Family
Thomas Rasmussen
Tim Gonzalez-Wiler
Timothy Davis
Todd and Sylvie Currie
Tom & Stephanie Hillier
Tom Fitzpatrick
V Ellen Phillips
Valerie Rosman
Valerie Weber
William and Kimberly Hayes



Frank Dauer
Michael McCone
Massagio Galore


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