The passionate, romantic trapeze performance of Duo Rose combines unique dynamic elements with aerial contortion. The seamless flow of highly technical skills and intense passion creates a fluid aerial ballet that never fails to elicit a powerful emotional response. A complex routine of balance, strength, discipline and grace, they bring a particular elegance to their presentation of the human body in all its beauty and in all that it can do.

Samuel and Sylvia have worked together for eight years to combine their backgrounds in aerial arts, gymnastics, and contortion to create this dynamic aerial adagio act. As true artisans they have designed and fabricated their own costumes and trapeze bars as well as developed their act independently without primary instruction from a circus school or dedicated trainer. Winners of 11 international awards their act has successfully toured in some of the top circuses and variety houses in Europe, Australia and the US.

In August 2010 they made history becoming the the first American circus artists to perform in Havana, Cuba since 1959. Officially sanctioned by the United States Government to travel to Cuba, they competed in the 9th International Circus Festival, CIRCUBA in Havana, where they earned the Bronze medal. 2017