2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Mr. Spring is driven and passionate about the art of movement. He is said to be a true eccentric and this year he is coming to Seattle to join with his peers in presenting shows to the Moisture Festival audiences.

He has over twenty years of acrobatic experience and has trained in gymnastics from the tender age of four and has never stopped moving since. Spring studied handbalancing with Nourbol Meirmanov, of the Moscow School of Circus and is most often seen performing solo hand balancing, & duo hand-to-hand acrobatics. Spring has polished himself as a performer in the Chicago cabaret scene where he founded the Fly by Night circus at MSA & Circus Arts, and developed a full length comedy acro show with Strongman Tulga.

He finished touring & training high wire with Nik Wallenda and the fabulous Wallendas on the 40th Anniversary tour of Big Apple Circus. Spring is inspired by classic circus, his big southern heart, and the unique people that surround him. In the past, he’s toured with The Zoppe Italian Circus, and guest performer with James & Christy Cole Circus, Tarzan Zerbini Circus, Billy Martin Circus, and The Hamid Circus.