2022 Moisture Festival: Opening March 17

Joe Ricci has taken his philosophy PhD, his interest in physics, mathematics and the “philosophy of science and logic” to the next sensible stage … he’s become a Moisture Festival break dance performer.

Okay, okay … his interest in performing actually goes back a lot further. At age 13 Joe’s mother shared with him a book on the art o juggling and in college at Rochester University he joined the Strong Jugglers club there. Joe later added the skills taught by street performing, sometimes in partnership with Moisture Festival veteran Matt Baker and together they set some Guinness World Records. But it’s breakdance that is finally bringing him to the Moisture Festival stage.

Joe is now teaching college classes here in Seattle and we’re wondering if his students are going to be surprised to see his face on this page and his presence in our shows. We’re so pleased to have him.