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Thank you for becoming a STAR in our donor galaxy!

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in 2014 to support the 2015 festival. Here you can see all the stars who gave $100 or more to shine in our donor galaxy. Look for their stars on the wall at Hale's Palladium!

DONATE TODAY and get your name in the stars!

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Aaron & Erin
Carri Anderson
Sandra Boeskov
Toby Bright
Deb & Dan Buck
Marshall Butler
Matt Cantrell
Gail Cerra
Alice Cheung
Michael Crawford
Helen Curtis
Mark Dalton
Margot Dick
Click Wholesale Distributing.com
David Adam Edelstein
Rose Feliciano
Mary Fleischman
Jim & Lisa Florio
Deborah Jensen
Chuck Johnson
Adam Kastan
Charles Keller
Dave Kirdahy
Otto Larsen
Benjamin Last
Hammet Lear
Ted MacGovern
Steven Malloch
Glen Mitchell
Jo Montgomery
Allister O'Brien
Dan O'Neil
The Jefferson-Mancini Overdrive
Marilyn Perry
En-Joy Productions
Bill Ross
Daniel Shih
Steven Smith
Ingrid Sparrow
Tom Starr
Rick & Michelle Steckler
Finn Stitham
Kat Thomas-Smyth
Mona Tschurwald
Sarah & Josh Twyford
Mary Kay Voytilla
Jorie Wackerman
Heather Weihl
Jennifer Wensrich
Aaron Wooster