MC Shoehorn, performance artist, makes music with his feet and
dances with his horn, combining body rhythms and sophisticated forms and concepts into entertainment. Specialist in saxophone and
tap dance, he’s a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer,
utilizing any number of wind and percussion instruments, including the
Tappercussion™ e-tap™ electric tap dance instrument of his own design. He plays a wide variety of classic and original songs, with an ear for music from around the world.
MC Shoehorn works as a solo performer, bandleader (of Shoehorn’s Hatband and the Circtet), as a guest soloist, and a member of groups including Fools in Paradise, Smut City Jellyroll Society, Son de Cuba,
Madcap Variety Company, Baby Gramps Time Warp and the Evening Star Orchestra.

He is a recording artist with two recent releases- the CD “Wingin’ It” and
the DVD “Dances with Instruments” and a back catalog of 5 other albums on his cdbaby page