Manuela Horn, the Austrian Amazon, is riding the whirlwind! We’re so pleased to have her join our Moisture Festival cast. Manuela is a yodeling, dancing, acting comedic force of nature. Back in 2000 Manuela performed with Pomp Duck & Circumstance, the mother ship of the dinner cirque movement that spawned “spiegeltent” shows like Europe’s Palazzos and America’s Teatro Zinzanni. She quickly evolved her initially modest role into a beloved and enduring character and in 2002 Zinzanni brought her to Seattle. She became a permanent member of that cast with her yodeling dominatrix and many other memorable roles. The media world has now caught on and Manuela has appeared in the film “Rent” and then with America’s Got Talent. She is now recording an Oktoberfest party album, an Alpen Rock comedy album, and a tribute album to the classic yodels of her childhood. She is also performing at October fests and Corporate Events across America Whew! Don’t miss Manuela.