December 31, 2017
Hale's Palladium
4301 Leary Way NW (in back behind the brewery)
Seattle WA
Admission: $75 through Christmas, $90 after Christmas
Thanks to our Sponsors
Ring in the new year with Moisture Festival! Varietè performance, dancing, laughter and appreciation of the good times are the themes of this grand New Year's Eve Extravaganza. Enjoy a spectacular Moisture Festival show and party. Also included in the ticket price: complimentary appetizers, and a champagne toast at midnight. Godfrey Daniels will fill the room with giant, red balloons when the clock strikes 2018, then dance in a New Year!

This event's artists include: Avner the Eccentric, Godfrey Daniels, Henrik Bothe, Lamonte & The Family Affair, Ron W. Bailey

The MC: Ron. W Bailey

Show Band: Lamonte & The Family Affair

Subject to change.