March 18, 2017
West of Lenin
203 N 36th St
Seattle WA
Admission: $40
Thanks to our Sponsors
Designed for performers and non-performers alike, this four hour workshop will expand your ability to create, and promote your capacity to solve problems in unusual ways. For performers, these workshops will help you build complicity with the audience, and give you fresh ideas for new material and expanding your existing work. Non-performers who would benefit from these events include public speakers, teachers, lawyers, and anyone who deals with the public. These workshops are intended to enrich and enhance each participantís outlook and imagination. Limited to 20 students. 4 hours (11am - 3pm)

This event's artists include: Avner the Eccentric, Iman Lizarazu

The MC: Iman Lizarazu (& her assistant Avner)

Subject to change.