Tent Talk: Tom Noddy’s Bubble Magic 🎪

March 25, 2019, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Event Details

Tom Noddy’s performances of Bubble Magic has aired on TV both nationally and internationally and has spawned a new genre of entertainment. Tom has been a regular performer and a member of the Moisture Festival’s organizing team since the its inception, wowing audiences with his bubble making skills. This year, Tom will present his how-to/science presentation as a part of Moisture Festival’s Monday Night Tent Talk series. At a recent gathering of “bubbleologists” in Wales, Tom’s demonstration lecture sold so quickly that they had to cut off registration at 80. When presenting his how-to bubble lecture to a room full of magicians at the huge Blackpool Magic Convention, he even received a standing ovation.

The interest in Tom’s Bubble Magic among magicians is matched by similar interest among mathematicians and physicists. This past year, Tom was invited to demonstrate his skills at the American Association of Physics Teacher’s convention in Washington D.C.

At the show, you’ll see a longer version of his Bubble Magic performance followed by his entertaining take on the science of it all. By attending the lecture, you’ll gain an appreciation for Tom’s reasons for finding a way to make a living as a professional bubble blower. We looking forward to seeing you on Monday, March 25!

This event's artists include: Tom Noddy