Tent Talk: How Magic Works 🎪

April 1, 2019, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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How Magic Works featuring magician Jamy Ian Swiss

“How’d you do that?” Everyone wants to know how magic works. Magician and author Jamy Ian Swiss will do just that — but you might be surprised by the secrets he reveals. In magic, Jamy says, “the method is not the trick” — because in fact, the method is never the “trick” in any creative endeavor. Rather, creating a compelling illusion is a delicate process comprised of countless details — including psychology, misdirection, timing, body language, sleight of hand, and a strong grasp of story and narrative structure. Prepare to be amazed in more ways than one by this eclectic tour through one man’s distinctive set of artistic passions.

Monday, April 1 at Hale’s Palladium
Tickets at: https://moisturefestival.strangertickets.com/events/68171778/how-magic-works

Photo by Brian Engler

This event's artists include: Jamy Ian Swiss