Marawa's father is Somali, her mother is Australian and as a child she lived in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Middle East. "We never stopped travelling" she says. Her childhood interest in music and acrobatics/gymnastics (she says that Olga Korbut was and is her hero). She toured circus schools in China "... blew my mind". She entered school to gain a Bachelor of Circus Arts degree! Marawa taught hoola hooping in Nepal, New York, North Korea, Melbourne, Zagreb, Spain, London, Paris, Poland, Mexico, Somalia and LA and in 2012, through a series of workshops, Marawa’s Majorettes was launched: a glittering team of adorable hoop performers that amazed crowds and then taught! An army of Hoopers! Check out the Majorette’s page if you’d like to get involved: ... In fact, click on the link to the left to visit her website and see the many ways she has applied her talents and worked to make friends all over the world. Conquer the world with hoops!

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